Greenhead Fly Traps

The Greenhead Fly

Greenheads are a species of horse biting fly found New Hampshire's coastal areas.  However, they are not partial to only biting horses. They will take advantage of any warm body near the beach. These large green flies are hard to kill and the bite is painful. 

Fortunately their season is short; starting early July and ending mid to late August. 


These traps work much like a lobster trap.  Greenheads fly under the blue box, much like they they would a four legged animal, to bite the underbelly, and get trapped in the screens that funnel them inside.  Most can't find their way out.  Studies have shown that royal blue attract higher numbers of Greenhead flies. 



Greenhead Fly Trap

Greenhead traps are supplied for coastal towns that have a Greenhead fly program with Dragon to help reduce numbers of these nuisance flies. The blue boxes are set out on the salt marshes, to catch them before they get to you. 

Unfortunately do to budget limitations we can't put them near every property that abut the saltmarshes, so we would like to share the blueprints so you can build your own.

Click here to download directions on how to build your own Greenhead Fly Trap